About us

Pietro Roversi was born in Ghedi, in the province of Brescia, in 1964. He started his professional career when he was just 14 years old, cooperating with his father, an expert painter himself. As is often the case, in order to have success in this kind of job, he began by the activity of sending, in order to learn how to prepare smoothed items.
After that, he moved to the painting department, where he found out he was a capable painter. He kept on working hard in this domain, building up his qualities in the many years he passed in the various departments of different companies.

He began his artisanal activity in 2002, when he moved to Cremona, where he is still living and has his own laboratory. During these years, he has developed a huge experience in different typologies of products: from window/door frames, furniture and kitchens, to the world of weapons. His work has always been devoted to the search of new technologies, processes and finishing. Not by chance, he was and still is consultant for prestigious world-class companies in the arm system and many others.

The Laboratory

The “R&P” Laboratory by Roversi Pietro focuses on the varnishing and restoration in the field of finishing for gunstocks.
Furthermore, in this specific domain, we collaborate with the companies of this field, in order to improve and optimize the finished product, both in quality standards and in analysis of production costs.
We have acquired competences and experiences in the domain of wood finishing and varnishing, after a 30-year experience in different productive units, always aiming at the development of the most competitive solutions for companies.

In our technical-applicative laboratory, we make test and sampling before the regular industrial production; we prepare, for the companies in arms industry, suggestions of new finishing to be displayed at international fairs.

We collaborate with companies in order to study and improve traditional finishing techniques and create new ones.
Our purpose is to give a technical content to finishing, with evaluation tests of the performance of the finishing.

Analysis and Evaluation

Finally, we analyze methods and times of smoothing and varnishing operations, both manual and in lines of industrial production, with a direct presence in production departments, not only in Italy but also abroad.
According to the requests intending to optimize finishing cycles or to implement new ones, our action extends to the general world of the most performing paintings and their evaluation, or simply to the paintings already in use, to optimize the final results.