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A branch of the industrial activities is devoted to the restoration and finishing of gunstocks for hunting, sporting, target shooting, carbines and shooting rifles. We also restore handgun grips, semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.

During the process of restoration, we use very transparent special dyes, which reconstitute the tones of the most prestigious woods.
The base of the products involved in the varnishing cycle is composed by polyurethane and acrylic resins with very high resistance, or blends of special natural oils which resist to water, scratches and shocks.

We can customize colors and finishing, like camouflage with the color chosen by our client, suitable for the environmental camouflage of some particular natural habitats.



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In many industrial sectors, the aspect of an item varies according to the different processes that the object surface undergoes. The different surface finishing (glossy, matt, textured, satin, etc.) is one the most varying aspects, which is necessary to measure, in order to control the outlook of our product. The evaluation of the surface finishing can become objective and easy to interpret thanks to the employment of the below chart, which can be useful to understand the finishing degree that you like most.


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